Commercial real estate (CRE) is a great investment. However, if you try to go about looking for a CRE property to invest on your own, you may feel overwhelmed with all the options out there.

You may come across thousands of listings online, and many of these listings are outdated, incomplete, wrong, or give little to no information. Many listings might not even fully show you a space’s info or pictures without you paying a site fee. There’s also the chance if you drive around looking for CRE signs, you’ll never hear back from the listing agents you call. The process can become frustrating and overwhelming.

You can make the process easier and go more smoothly with the help of a commercial real estate broker – a broker has knowledge, experience, access, and tools available to show you and bring you to listings that reflect your wants and needs.

Often, using a CRE broker doesn’t cost you as landlords and sellers pay the commissions.

A CRE agent will represent your best interests. He or she will negotiate to help you get the lowest rates and best terms and he/she will help mitigate risks. He or she will help you search for and identify the best properties for you needs. CRE agents will show you any property available that can accommodate your needs. They know the local CRE market and can help you find the best locations and spaces based on your needs and business.

CRE brokers have connections and access to databases that you do not. They know market data, rates, demographics, and trends. They will find a CRE space for you. They can find you spaces available now or spaces available in six or 12 months from now.

Our brokers at HOWE Real Estate will take the time to understand your needs and will focus our search or properties that fulfill your budget, needs, timing, and location.

Hiring a CRE broker saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to spend all your time searching for spaces or calling agents. A CRE broker has a lot of knowledge and can help you get information quickly that could’ve taken you weeks or months on your own. They know how to weed out the properties that make no sense for you.

A CRE broker can also connect you with local vendors like contractors, attorneys, engineers, space planners, architects, designers, loan officers, building inspectors, movers, and more.

They can help you negotiate commercial purchases. They will use all their experience, knowledge and resources to help you get the best CRE terms and lowest rate possible. They know how to save you money and what terms are or are not acceptable.

Looking for Commercial Real Estate Property for Sale?

Our team at HOWE Real Estate can help you find the right CRE investment that fits your needs and budget. We will work with you every step of the way. We will even be here for you after the sale for market advice.

At HOWE Real Estate, we are a team of CRE brokers and commercial real estate experts who look forward in helping you find a CRE property for you. We have extensive experience in the CRE market.

At HOWE, our ability to get creative with new solutions to old problems has made us a leader in commercial real estate. Our commercial real estate brokerage, real estate development and consulting services across all market segments. This includes retail, industrial, office, investments, land, mixed use, development and multifamily.

Let our team of professionals at HOWE Real Estate help you get started on looking for a commercial property for sale. We work with buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees across all property types. To contact us, send us an email or call 502-890-4475.

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