There’s a lot of ways to invest your money and real estate is one of them. Within the real estate market, there’s a lot of different sectors for you to invest in. As commercial real estate brokers and experts, for this article, we are focusing on commercial real estate (CRE) investments. CRE property investing is very different from residential property investing.

With CRE investing, there is usually more work and risk; however, people tend to think there is a lot more rewards with this type of investment as they can give long-term returns. If you are unfamiliar with the CRE world but interested in investing into it, your best interest would be to work with one of our brokers at HOWE Real Estate who have many years of expertise in this industry. We know CRE properties and investing inside and out and can help you every step of the way.

Before you meet with us, we just wanted to share with you some things to think about and know before investing in a CRE property.

  • Type of property – There’s a lot of different types of CRE properties from retail and restaurant to office spaces and industrial. If you are unfamiliar with all of these, choose one you are interested in and do your research on it and get to know all about that type of property.
  • Goals – What do you want to do with this CRE property? Earn money from day one? Transform the property through renovations? What you want to do with the building will help you figure out potential rents and revenue you can get with your investment.
  • CRE experts – If you’re new to this type of real estate and investing, you should keep up with a commercial realtor (like our team at HOWE Real Estate) and a commercial contractor. Both these experts can help you ease your way into the CRE world. Our CRE experts at HOWE know locations, costs, legal information, codes, and more to help you find the best space and get it rented.
  • Existing tenants – There’s a chance you could be inheriting some bad tenants – the type of tenants who cause problems, destroy property or fail to pay tent. As a new owner, you have the opportunity and ability to decide whether to keep and work with current tenants or to start from scratch and focus on finding better-quality tenants.

Looking for Commercial Real Estate Property for Sale?

There may be a lot to learn, but you don’t need to be an expert to be successful finding a CRE property to invest in – that’s where we come in!

Our team at HOWE Real Estate can help you find the right CRE investment. As CRE brokers and commercial real estate experts, our team at HOWE Real Estate is happy to help you find a CRE property, whether you’re a seasoned CRE investor or new to this world. We have extensive experience in the CRE market.

At HOWE, our ability to get creative with new solutions to old problems has made us a leader in commercial real estate. Our commercial real estate brokerage, real estate development and consulting services across all market segments. This includes retail, industrial, office, investments, land, mixed use, development and multifamily.

Let our team of professionals at HOWE Real Estate help you get started on looking for a commercial property for sale. We work with buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees across all property types. To contact us, send us an email or call 502-890-4475.

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