As the biggest and busiest city in Kentucky, Louisville is the perfect place for investing and selling retail property. Louisville’s affluent commercial sector makes it a great place for business owners. In turn, that means investors are unlikely to be hit by delays during the real estate processes, which means you are likely to sell your commercial real estate (CRE) property easily and for a good value.

Our team at HOWE Louisville wanted to share with you some things to do and steps to take before selling a CRE property to maximize its value and the return on investment (ROI).

  • Stage the property – You want to stage the property, so it appeals to potential buyers and that shows how well it was maintained throughout the years. You should make sure all cosmetic repairs are handled, get the landscaping done, remove all trash, apply new paint, and talk to tenants about keeping the property clean and neat. Building aesthetic and cleanliness is extremely important to buyers.
  • Maintain major systems – Don’t ignore your building’s major system. Get them maintained and checked out regularly so that minor problems don’t become big problems. A potential buyer would also love to hear how well kept up systems in the building are. Kept up systems increases the appeal of a property, as well.
  • Keep and gather documents – Keep and gather all documents during your time owning and managing the building. Potential buyers may request all sorts of documentation like a history of tenant leases and financial statements – having this paperwork will avoid delays.

Being a CRE building owner, you know commercial real estate properties can include office buildings, retail stores, strip malls, multi-family, mixed-use, restaurants and other real estate in which people conduct business.  As a Louisville commercial real estate brokerage who provides real estate development and consulting services across all market segments, our team at HOWE Commercial Real Estate knows a lot about CRE investing and buildings. With our help, you will have access to a network of potential buyers and resources to market your building.

Looking for a Commercial Real Estate Investment Broker in Louisville?

We support investors through the sales process. From preparing the property for sale to marketing it and handling contracts, our team is there to help. Ultimately, we make selling a smooth transaction without letting value slip through the net.

As CRE brokers and Louisville commercial real estate experts, our team at HOWE Louisville is looking out for your best interests. Our highly experienced team of brokers offer comprehensive support from the first step to the last, whether you are selling or buying a CRE property. We want to help you reach your financial goals with any CRE investment.

Let our team of professionals at HOWE Louisville help you get started on selling a commercial property in Louisville and looking for a new one (if needed). We work with buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees across all property types in and around Louisville. To contact us, send us an email or call 502-890-4475.

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