Thinking about investing? Why not do it in commercial real estate? Real estate has always been a great investment, and it still is in 2018. Our team at HOWE Real Estate offers commercial real estate services with the goal of ensuring the investor’s capital goes to work for them. In Louisville, retail is a valuable option for investors.

As an investor, you’re looking for the greatest profit level, and Louisville is the perfect place to invest in commercial property. Our commitment is to ensure that our investors see the rewards of investing in the affluent commercial sector.

Benefits of investing in commercial real estate

  • Steady income – Commercial properties give you a regular income stream through leases, which are at higher rates than residential rental properties. On average, commercial properties keep tenants for longer and have fewer vacant spaces.
  • Fewer competitors – More people invest in residential real estate, which means you can find better deals in the commercial real estate sector.
  • Inherent value – Commercial properties are a secure investment, because they are valuable for their location and space.
  • High appreciation – Commercial real estate tends to appreciate faster than other investments, especially if improvements are made to the structure.
  • Tax benefits – Commercial rental investors receive a mortgage interest deduction and a depreciation deduction, which can help lower your tax bill.

Commercial real estate is known to give investors a constant return. By investing in a commercial property, you can make money in many ways. For example, you can let the property build equity and then sell it for profit later, or, you can rent out different spaces in the property. The benefits of investing in a commercial property go beyond the above list, and our team at HOWE Real Estate would be happy to get this conversation started with you.

In Louisville, there are plenty of commercial properties available. Investing in a commercial property is great for financial security and an investment portfolio. Our highly experienced team of brokers offer comprehensive support from the first step to the last in your property-buying process. We cover the full spectrum of retail-related investment services; we ensure that each investor can make their capital work harder.

We offer location scouting to help you, our client, find the best retail sites/commercial spaces that the city of Louisville has to offer. We also can assist in finding tenants for you after the purchase, as well as being your commercial property management agency. Our commitment ensures that retail properties are kept in great health for short and long-term rewards.

Looking to Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Louisville?

When you’re ready to purchase a commercial property, we will support you, as the investor, through the sales process including marketing the property, handling contracts, and more.

When it comes to commercial real estate in Louisville, our team at HOWE Real Estate are experts in this market. If you’re looking for commercial real estate brokers to help find you a commercial property, let us help you get started on your search. To contact us, send us an email or call 502-890-4475.