When you invest in a commercial real estate (CRE) property, you are entering into a market with a lot of competition. There are many other CRE properties looking for the same type of tenants as you are. If you want to add value to your CRE property, building amenities are important, and they have continued to become more important in recent years. Whether you’re dealing with a new build, a newer building or looking to make changes or renovations to an older property, think about adding certain amenities to your property.

You want to offer things that a similar building down the block doesn’t offer. What does your CRE property do to stand out?

  • Conference facilities – If you have a conference facility, you can accommodate events of many different sizes, which makes it easy for tenants to host large meetings or other events.
  • Reliable Internet – If you don’t have Wi-Fi, you’re behind the times. You want a space where tenants can always be connected, especially if your property doesn’t get the best cell reception. A solid Wi-Fi connection in your building will allow tenants to be connected on breaks, or if the move throughout the building and space.
  • Easy access to parking – If you can provide parking, whether it’s in a garage or lot or underground, this is a major plus, especially if your property is in an area with little to no street parking or free parking.
  • Dining options – Give tenants dining options within the building so they don’t have to travel out of the property to eat all the time. You can provide an on-site cafeteria or food court allows workers to use their lunch breaks efficiently.
  • On-site gym – Gym or fitness centers on site with lockers and showers are becoming more expected in new commercial spaces.
  • Outdoor spaces – Offering tenants an outdoor space to go on breaks or to get fresh air, whether a rooftop deck or patio with seating is a great idea to help people relax and recharge.
  • Go green – Add sustainable materials and options into your property is the way of the future. Offer tenants spaces with lots of windows, electric vehicle charging stations, green-certified facilities, etc.
  • Security – Safety is a big concern for tenants. If you offer 24-hour security (cameras, guards), a backup generator, etc., people will feel more comfortable in your building.

You may not have the means to offer all the above in your property but try to add what you can so that you can set yourself apart. You want to show potential and current tenants that you care about their needs.

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