Commercial real estate properties can include office buildings, retail stores, strip malls, multi-family, mixed-use, restaurants and other real estate in which people conduct business. The types of businesses and spaces may not have changed much over the years but what these companies’ need to work and attract business has.

It’s 2019 and technology continues to change week to week. Keeping up with today’s technologies is critical for finding, landing, and retaining quality commercial real estate (CRE) tenants.

As a Louisville commercial real estate brokerage who provides real estate development and consulting services across all market segments, our team at HOWE Commercial Real Estate knows a lot about CRE investing and buildings. We know what CRE tenants are looking for, especially when it comes to tech in the building. For this article, we wanted to share some must-have tech features a CRE property owner should have in the commercial property.

  1. Internet connection – Internet connections need to be strong and reliable or else it can lose a company business. CRE tenants are willing to pay more for reliable internet connection to ensure they won’t have issues that will slow down or stop business.
  2. Smart buildings – Smart building commercial property features include WIFI thermostats, climate controls, keyless entry, security cameras, video doorbells, lighting controls, etc. These features are becoming very popular – more tenants are expecting features like these in the spaces they rent.
  3. Charging stations – A building must be equipped for tenants for charge any and all devices from a phone to a laptop. Charging stations are appealing to CRE tenants.
  4. Modern Services – Offer CRE tenant modern services that reflect how people work and live daily. Provide a space for people to charge an electric car. Provide bike racks. Make it easy for employees to do video conferences within the building. Make sure your space can easily accommodate technology and tools that you didn’t even think of.

These are just a few examples of ways a CRE property owner can incorporate the latest tech features to attract and keep quality CRE tenants. Many CRE tenants expect and demand these features and will not even give your space a second thought if you are unable to make your space tech-friendly or compatible. These added tech features can help you increase the demand for your CRE buildings.

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