Commercial real estate (CRE) can be overwhelming but the process can go much easier with the help and expertise of a commercial real estate broker – a broker has knowledge, experience, access, and tools available to show you and bring you to listings that reflect your wants and needs.

There’s a lot of CRE realtors out there who can help you, but how do you decide who to work with? You want to find a broker who understands exactly what you are looking for. As a client, your needs are different from other clients, so what you might want or need in a broker may be different than someone else; however, there are some core traits that most people are looking for in a broker.

As experienced CRE brokers, we wanted to share with you the things you should look for in a broker.

  • Responsiveness – When it comes to real estate and investing, time is money and you don’t want to work with someone who isn’t responsive. You want a broker who returns calls and emails quickly. With a great response time, you know the broker cares about your needs, business, and is serious and professional about his/her job.
  • Communication skills – Communication is key in all relationships, including the one you have with a broker. In order to successfully work with a broker, he/she needs to actively listen to you and make sure you are both on the same page. You want a broker who can explain the process to you from fees to contracts. Effective communication will lead you to better trusting this realtor. If he/she confuses you regularly, you won’t be able to maintain this relationship and won’t want to work them him/her again.
  • Expertise – You want a broker who is an expert specifically in the type of realty you want to invest in and the market you’re looking to buy in. It’s better to work with someone who specializes in what you want as he/she will know how to better help you reach your goals.
  • Knowledge of industry trends – The real estate market changes often and fast, so you want a broker who is on top of the latest trends. You want a broker who can get you information fast, knows the latest technology, marketing tools and strategies.
  • Reputation – Ask around. An excellent recommendation/referral from someone you know says a lot about that broker. Besides friends and family, talk to colleagues and search the internet for information and reviews on the broker or real estate company you are interested in working with.

Looking for Commercial Real Estate Property for Sale?

As the CRE industry changes and advances, you want to find a broker who is ahead of the game. Find a broker who is eager to meet all your expectations and goes above and beyond them.

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At HOWE Real Estate, our team of CRE brokers and commercial real estate experts looks forward to helping you find a CRE property. We have extensive experience in the CRE market.

Our commercial real estate brokerage, real estate development and consulting services across all market segments. This includes retail, industrial, office, investments, land, mixed use, development and multifamily.

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