Louisville, Kentucky, was founded in 1778, making it one of the oldest cities west of the Appalachians. Since the age of the buildings varies in Louisville, it’s important to improve upon and maintain older buildings to keep up property value.

Our Louisville commercial real estate brokerage experts at HOWE Real Estate wanted to share with you some building renovations that can truly transform commercial real estate (CRE) properties, which in turn will improve your bottom line. At HOWE, we provide real estate development and consulting services across all market segments.

  1. Dramatic outside features. You want your building to have curb appeal and to attract attention. Whether it’s a unique staircase or moldings or colors, you want to renovate in a create way that attracts tenants and customers to your building.
  2. Honor the past. You should try to use and improve upon the existing architecture and style of the building. You want your renovations to match the current style of the building or you will have a mismatch look. Also, many older buildings have real character that will look spectacular again once restored and modernized.
  3. Embrace change. Your renovations changes need to reflect the current needs and wants of society. For example, more sustainable building materials, greener offices, more common spaces, new technology, more handicap access, etc.

These are just a few renovation tips to keep in mind when deciding to improve upon a CRE property you have purchased or want to invest in. Renovations are also a great way to differentiate yourself from competitors in the CRE Louisville market. You want to get people talking about your building. You want it to be highly desirable. Make your property stand out from the rest. In the long run, these renovations will increase your bottom line and give you a better return on investment (ROI) on the renovation expense.

Looking for Commercial Real Estate Property for Sale in Louisville?

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The affluence of the commercial sector in Louisville makes it a great place for business owners. In turn, that means investors are unlikely to be hit by delays during the real estate processes. At HOWE, our ability to get creative with new solutions to old problems has made us a leader in commercial real estate. Our commercial real estate brokerage, real estate development and consulting services across all market segments. This includes retail, industrial, office, investments, land, mixed use, development and multifamily.

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