Louisville, Kentucky, is a perfect place to invest in commercial retail property. The affluence of the commercial sector makes it a great place for business owners. Investing in property, any property, is a big investment.

After purchasing the property, you, most likely, will be renting the commercial space out to business owners and companies. Your goal is to land a quality tenant who can be an asset and who can boost the investment potential from the property. Your focus should be on finding the best tenants for your properties; however, the real estate commercial property market isn’t always easy for landlords. Often, you may see more retail spaces (empty) available and few prospective tenants looking to fill those spaces.

It takes time to find a good tenant for your property. You need to place ads, sort through applications, return phone calls, check references, and interview potential tenants. You want to land yourself a tenant who will not only bring value to your property, but who will treat your property with respect, and pay their rent on time. In short, finding tenants takes time, and managing tenants takes even more time.

How to Find a Good Tenant for a Commercial Property

As a landlord or real estate investor, you may not have time to look for tenants or manage the property. You may not live near the property, you may be busy with another occupation or you may have a lot of real estate investments that consume a lot of your time. If one or more of these scenarios is the case, your best bet is to work with a professional commercial real estate company such as HOWE Real Estate. HOWE Real Estate Commercial Real Estate provides commercial real estate brokerage, development and consulting services including tenant and landlord representation and property management.

The team of brokers at HOWE Real Estate will offer you, as the building/space owner, support from start to finish. Our goal is to ensure that you, as the investor, is able to make your capital work harder.

Like stated above, the tenant-finding process and property management can be overwhelming, but our team will work with you to make everything smooth and successful.

If you need to be in a more passive role as owner, our commercial real estate services ensure your retail property is kept in great condition. We can handle the leasing, marketing, and even structure a management plan that allows you to be hands off.

Both you and our team don’t want you having any long-term vacancies in your commercial states, so we will effectively attract tenants using different marketing strategies. Some things to keep in mind that will attract tenants are: energy-efficient improvements, shared amenities, easy parking, extra services offered on-site, fiber-optic internet, an improved look of the interior/exterior look of the building, and excellent security.

Looking for Commercial Real Estate Services in Louisville?

After taking the time to find an ideal commercial property space for you, it makes sense that you (or a property management company) also takes the time to find you quality tenants. Let our team of professionals at HOWE Real Estate help you with tenant and property management services for your commercial real estate in Louisville. We’re experienced in the Louisville real estate market and we will help find tenants and manage your property.

HOWE’s real estate services work with extreme professionalism, transparency, and attention to detail. We work diligently for our clients, so they can reap the rewards efficiently and effectively. We want your investment and tenants to be an asset for you. We work with buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees across all property types in and around Louisville. To contact us, send us an email or call 502-890-4475.