Commercial Property Investing Tips

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Any investment can be bad if you don’t do your homework or aren’t thorough with the commercial real estate (CRE) investing process. Investing in CRE is a process and our team at HOWE Real Estate does the hard work for you, and we provide quality services, and a professional team. We are creative and hold

Common Ways to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

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There are different ways a person can enter and participate in the commercial real estate (CRE) investing market. With this type of investing, your money is funding investments in commercial real estate properties including office buildings, retail spaces, hotels, restaurants, industrial spaces, and multi-family housing. Here are some common ways to invest in CRE: Outright

Reasons to Invest in Commercial Property

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If you’re looking to invest in something, consider investing in commercial property. If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, generate income, and find tax advantages, commercial property investing is worth exploring. At HOWE Louisville, we work with real estate investors and small business owners who are interested in commercial property. We know this can

What to Expect When Working with an Industrial Real Estate Broker

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If you’re thinking about investing in industrial real estate, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced real estate broker who knows commercial real estate. At HOWE Louisville, we work with real estate investors and small business owners who are interested in industrial and commercial spaces.  Industrial properties arguably cover the widest

What to Ask of an Industrial Real Estate Broker

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Whether this is your first time investing in industrial real estate or you’re a seasoned investor, you’re going to have questions. The market changes all the time and there’s always new things to know. At HOWE Louisville, we work with real estate investors and small business owners who are interested in industrial spaces. We know

What are the Pros of Investing in Industrial Real Estate?

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Interested in an investment opportunity? What about industrial real estate? Industrial real estate includes buildings and land related to/suited for or utilized by industrial activities such as production, manufacturing, warehousing, research, light storage, assembly, and distribution. Industrial real estate is a huge opportunity in real estate you don’t want to miss. The income and equity

Advantages of Owning Commercial Retail Property

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On the edge about whether to invest in a commercial property? There’s a lot of different types of commercial property out there, and there’s also many reasons why you should. This article will focus on retail property. Retail properties offer a very lucrative market for investors of varying budgets and experiences. At HOWE Real Estate,

Questions to ask a Property Manager Before Hiring Them

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A property manager or property management company can help you with your first or next residential or commercial real estate undertaking. Managing a property is a lot of work. For many landlords, they are unable to keep up with the day-to-day tasks required of them, whether it be collecting rent, maintenance issues, or tenant disputes.

How to Maximize Profit on Your Commercial Rental Property

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Why does anyone choose to be a landlord? Most likely, it is because it can be a good investment. However, owning and managing a commercial property isn’t easy. The work isn’t done when you buy the property.  If you don’t properly run or market your property, you will lose money. Our commercial real estate experts